Finding M dating coaching uses a method based in psychology to help individuals find the right partners for a lasting and satisfying union the first time around. 

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Too often individuals date the wrong people and either “settle” out of fear and “supposed to’s” or simply not knowing how to find and date the right people due to their own unhealthy attachment patterns.

Finding M is specifically for individuals who want to pursue a serious long-term relationship with the shared value and goal of marriage.


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Finding M utilizes individual coaching and psychological assessments to help clients engage authentically in the dating process from start to finish. Clients will also gain personalized assistance with dating profiles and step by step guidance on how to date with intention.

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As a psychotherapist who has worked with many couples over the years, Farah decided to shift her focus from helping potentially mismatched couples stay together, to helping individuals find the right partners from the start.

The intentional nature of this work requires guidance that aligns more coaching rather than psychotherapy or counseling. If you aren’t sure what your needs are, give us a call and we will help you figure out what direction might be best for you.




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